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Céad Míle Fáilte
(One Hundred Thousand Welcomes)

Welcome traveler, I would like to welcome you to the humble home of the Gaiscíoch (Pronounced: Gosh-Kia) Family and Tuatha Social Gaming Community. Our family began as a social gaming community in the industry pioneering MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot. We began on the Nimue server on November 11th, 2001, with a focus on creating a fun and enjoyable community for players of all ages and skill levels.

The Gaiscíoch takes it's name from the Irish legends found within the "Cét-chath Maige Tuired", "Lebor Gabála Érenn", and "Cath Maige Tuired" which chronicles the first people of Ireland the Tuatha de Danann. Specifically the First Battle of Moyturna where the Tuatha de Danann hand picked the most honorable and loyal warriors to fight along side the Celtic gods in a battle against the Fir Bolg. These Warriors were known as the Gaiscíoch.

With our roots firmly attached in the Celtic Mythological Cycle, the Gaiscíoch hold honor, respect, integrity, and fellowship, over hierarchy and dictatorship. Today the Gaiscíoch family spans many games, sports, and social circles.

We are a social casual gaming community with a relaxed approach toward gaming. We allow our members to play how they want, when they want, as long as they want and do not constrict them with quotas or requirements. It is through gaming, athletic competition, and social interaction that we forge new friendships and relationships.

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Member Stories & Blogs

  • Callweddi
    By: Elaenna

    I was only able to hear a tiny bit of Eluveittie's information on the Callweddi achievement, and hope to make it next week as he details additional info. Sounds like it will be a long run but I enjoy those types. He also sounds like he knows not only what he's doing, but how to get the information across to others easily. Elaenna

    » Read Full Story | Posted: Feb. 26 @ 09:26 AM
    In Response to: Callweddi Citizen Workshop with Eluveittie

  • Low Level Zone Invasion Hunt (February 25, 2017)
    By: Eldritch

    Piggyback rides on Volan! Or maybe we were just jumping on his head to kill him. Once again, we were the bane of invasions, rifts, and strongholds all across Telara! Gaiscioch and friends focused on the continents of Mathosia, Brevane, and Dusken in an effort to hold back the tide of planar problems that continue to wash over the lands. Maybe one day we'll find the switch to all these rifts and finally just turn them off. Or maybe we'll open our own rifts in their planes and see how THEY like it!

    » Read Full Story | Posted: Feb. 25 @ 03:34 PM
    In Response to: Low Level Zone Invasion Hunt with Foghladha

  • Telara Saga: Hunting the Endless Court
    By: Eldritch

    Death comes for us all. Or is it that we all came for Death? Major rifts from the Plane of Death were vanquished all across the Dendrome as Gaiscioch and friends took up the banner of the Telara Saga. As always, a fun night deserves a fun poem: There once was a group of Ascended, who formed against Death and defended, the vast desert plain, Dendrome in Brevane, turning the Court from Endless to ended. After defeating both major rifts and strongholds, we turned our gaze towards the Venefic Locus to face Ahkane the Eternal...

    » Read Full Story | Posted: Feb. 23 @ 10:16 PM
    In Response to: Telara Saga: Hunting the Endless Court

  • Joining in on the fun ;)
    By: Elaenna

    Thank you all for making me feel welcome to your events. Please know that anytime you see me, Elaenna - mage; or Ellette - cleric, and need help for anything... just send me a holler.

    » Read Full Story | Posted: Feb. 21 @ 03:26 PM
    In Response to: MtDewd's Rifthunters

  • RIFT Raiding Fun Run (Feb. 20, 2017)
    By: Eldritch

    Another successful night of conquering older raids, getting achievements, and just having some good tuatha fun! Our raid itinerary (in order) included: Greenscale's Blight River of Souls Infernal Dawn Full clears, but we did have a bit of a snafu with passing loot items through the raid so that everyone could unlock the appearances. It's definitely one of those things that will be what we joke about in I figured it needed a poem to commemorate it! Items galore, passed hand to hand, from squirrel to shield, this was the plan...

    » Read Full Story | Posted: Feb. 20 @ 11:20 PM
    In Response to: RIFT Raiding Fun Runs with Foghladha

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